Click on the above New Aircraft tab to choose to explore either the Brilliant Quest Kodiak or Amazing Viking 400 Series Twin Otter. Both of these aircraft are your ideal choice as a working aircraft. Depending on your budget or needs, Utility Air has you covered with the Single Engine Quest Kodiak, a rugged single turbo prop or the larger Viking Twin Otter 400 Series with two turbine engines and room for 19 passengers.

And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to browse our used aircraft selection. If it’s a working aircraft you’re after we’ve got you covered. Utility Air is proud to have carved out a niche in the Aviation Industry.

There are few companies in the world who focus as heavily on working aircraft as Utility Air, and certainly non in the Pacific Region. With 18 years of proven aircraft sales experience, the team at Utility Air can help you find what you need.

We are so pleased you have found our website and we’re proud to serve you. Email us for brochures and performance information on any of our aircraft, as well as to find out about what the hot deals are in the market place at the moment. We spend HOURS every day hitting the phones to locate the next aircraft to sell and we know what is available off market and where. Whatever your aviation needs, Utility Air can help you to locate the perfect aircraft.

Buying new has some distinct advantages, from a reliability stand point as well as from a financing perspective. We can help you with a needs analysis which will determine whether one of our Quest or Viking aircraft is the right machine for you. We’ll know quickly whether you will get more use out of a new aircraft or one of our preowned aircraft. Either way, you will get the right advice in a timely fashion.

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